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CRM - A Paradigm Shift

As any other therapist I pursue continuing education to stay up to date in knowledge and new

developments in the mental health field. I discovered a new therapeutic modality being offered in Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM). After reviewing available materials on line I decided to take advantage of the training.

The information shared and the therapeutic processes and techniques that I observed and experienced represented a complete shift in my thinking and my approach to therapy. CRM is a neurological/ biological approach to the resolution of the types of issues and distress clients bring to the office. This approach allows the client to address the sources of the ongoing behavioral and emotional patterns and conditions that they want to resolve by utilizing a whole system approach. CRM engages the body, the neurological system, the brain and ultimately the spiritual system of the individual.

This is accomplished by connecting with the physiological sources of problems stored within the body and the brain of the individual. The client is provided with tools for resourcing their neurological system that are easy to utilize in daily life. This resourcing allows them to address both the experiences and the emotional source that is fueling the symptoms by providing the experience of a calm centered felt sense of the body.

By doing the training, I was able to address several traumatic issues from my early childhood that had never even been touched in other experiences with my own therapy over the years. This led to the release of a pattern of life long anxiety and behavior that had been put in place by my survival system all those years ago and completely out of my awareness.. The result was a calmer, easier ability to respond to others in my environment with out a constant underlying uneasiness.

I am very excited about the response of my clients to this approach. They report greater internal comfort and calmness, greater ability to deal with the day to day issues they encounter and as one client remarked, “CRM is finally giving me the help I need. I was in therapy for 7 years and was never able to deal with some of these problems."

As a therapist, I am finding that I have a greater capacity to be fully present with my clients, providing them with a calm, compassionate therapeutic relationship which is central to the healing process. I find that I'm more effective as a therapist with more confidence and ease in the interventions I provide.

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