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Online and downloadable resources for understanding and working with trauma and building your clinical toolbox

Listing of individual and group opportunities for supervision and consultation in working with trauma. 

A list of experts in the field of trauma and attachment with links to their websites.

A listing of local providers of alternative approaches to healing, including art therapy, equine therapy, healing touch, neurofeedback and more.

A listing of local organizations that are committed to doing work around trauma and attachment through research, prevention efforts, or awareness generating activities.  

A directory of trauma therapists in the state of MN broken down by region, including trauma models utilized and insurances accepted.

A listing of national treatment organizations that specialize in stabilization and treatment of traumatized populations.

Listing of websites with links for online resources for trauma treatment and trauma theory.  

A listing with web-links for international organizations devoted to the study of trauma and attachment.  Great opportunities for networking and learning.  

Comprehensive listing of written resources, phone apps, audio materials for assisting clients in their healing process.  

Comprehensive listing of written materials for therapists to better understand trauma and its treatment.  

Downloadable worksheets and handouts to use in therapy and share with clients.  

A list of various models for the treatment of trauma with brief explanations of the model and links to the websites for each model.  

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