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downloadable resources to use in therapy.

Anxiety, Flashbacks, and Grounding Techniques Handout


Assessing, Intervening, and Treating Traumatized Older Adults


Breaking the Cycle of Child Traumatic Stress Presentation

Challenging Avoidance and Safety Behaviours Handout

Cognitive Processing Therapist:  CPT Patient Workbook


Detaching from Emotional Pain (Grounding) Handout


Everything Counselors and Supervisors Need to Know About Treating Trauma


Explaining the Rationale for Trauma-Focussed Work: Why it’s Good to Talk

False Safety Behaviors Handout


First Aid for Emotional Trauma


Grounding Techniques

Guide to Journal Writing for Recovery


How to Create a Trigger Record


Light stream grounding technique


Live within Your Window of Tolerance - Guide by Laura Kerr

Mindfulness Exercises


Motivational Interviewing Strategies and Techniques: Rationales and Examples


Non-violent Conflict Resolution Skills


Post-Trauma Reactions that Lead to PTSD


The Power and Control Wheel diagram - for understanding abusive and violent behaviors


Preventing & Treating Substance Abuse Based Trauma in Families


Processing trauma: the factory metaphor


Progressive muscle relaxation patient handout 

Progressive muscle relaxation patient handout


PTSD information for patients


Stuck-Points Help Sheet


The PLAN Tool—Prepare to Face Triggers


The RID Tool—Dealing With Triggers

Therapeutic Journaling


Trauma Triggers and Memories—Overview


Understanding Child Traumatic Stress


Working with Young People Who Bully Others: Tips for Mental Health Professionals

Writing and Health:  Some Practical Advice

Writing to Heal Handout


As none of these resources are hosted through the MN Trauma Project website, please let us know if a link stops working and we will work to repair the link and restore availability.  

If you have further resources you are willing to share, please let us know, we would love to make them available through the MN Trauma Project website!!

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