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local trauma focused organizations.

23rd Veteran provides a long-term transition process for veterans leaving the military, and those who were never properly transitioned. Our efforts reduce veteran drug , alcohol, and medication abuse, and veteran, suicide, divorce , criminal rates. This will also grow the communities of 23rd Veterans by empowering veterans to apply their valuable intangible skill set in meaningful work and service.

The mission of Alexandra House is to empower victims of domestic and sexual violence, and inspire social change, through education, support, and advocacy.

We Believe:

Domestic and sexual violence are part of an historical pattern of violence and oppression that disproportionately impacts women and children.

Domestic and sexual violence affect those of all classes, genders, ethnicities, faith communities, races, sexual orientations, ages, and different abilities.

Domestic violence is not limited to physical abuse; it includes emotional, financial, sexual, spiritual, and psychological abuse. It is about power and control over others.

Domestic and sexual violence are crimes and violations of human rights.

Prostitution is a form of violence against women and children.

Domestic violence is a direct link to other forms of violence and social problems.

Violence is a learned behavior and a choice.

Domestic and sexual violence are community problems. Our success is directly connected to working with members of the community in ending domestic and sexual violence.

AMBIT Network's aim is to make high quality care more accessible for traumatized children and families in Minnesota and beyond.  Ambit is a leader in helping communities use research-based prevention and intervention techniques to increase children's ability to deal with trauma. In order to achieve these goals, Ambit partners with a variety of nonprofit, government, and community agencies to help them improve the care they offer to traumatized youth and families.  Ambit also offers trainings in TF-CBT.

ATTACh provides training to parents and professionals to promote healthy attachment and heal trauma.

Breaking Free is a Minnesota-based non-profit and social justice/social change organization founded in 1996 by Vednita Carter. Every year, Breaking Free helps over 500 women escape systems of prostitution and sexual exploitation through advocacy, direct services, housing, and education. Our main offices are located in St. Paul, Minnesota, with a branch in Minneapolis. Breaking Free's doors are open to women throughout Minnesota and the United States.

While Breaking Free's primary mission is to provide direct services to victims and survivors, we also aim to:

Ensure that the services provided are victim-centered, trauma-informed, and operate within a culturally appropriate, age, and gender-specific context;

Provide permanent housing and rental/placement assistance to our target population;

Decriminalize victims and encourage the use of pre-court diversion in lieu of criminal charges against women in prostitution;

Educate law enforcement, the criminal justice system, medical professionals, service providers, educators and students, faith communities, and the community at large about the effects of commercial sexual exploitation on women;

Expose prostitution/sex trafficking as violence against women; and

To stop the demand that drives sex trafficking.

Break the Silence events are an invitation for people to come forward and name themselves as a survivor of sexual assault. Survivors can do this simply by stating their name and that they are a survivor; they might also share their story of assault or healing, and they might also name their perpetrator(s).  Ultimately, breaking the silence means adding your identity to a larger story of sexual violence in our community.  While details may remain private, your identity as a survivor becomes public when you break the silence.

CVT was founded in 1985 as an independent nongovernmental organization. For the first two years care was provided at the International Clinic of St. Paul Ramsey Medical Center. In 1987 we moved to a more home-like and less institutional setting that would feel welcoming to survivors.

Today CVT provides care from our St. Paul Healing Center. The house was designed to meet the needs of torture survivors, with domestic furnishings, large windows and rooms with rounded or angled corners to create an environment much different from the stark square rooms with glaring lights that most torture survivors experienced.

Since 1979 Domestic Abuse Project (DAP) has served the Twin Cities’ community with innovative and successful programming to end the inter-generational cycle of domestic violence. We have made it our mission to work with all affected members of the family–men, women, and children–to stop domestic violence as it occurs and prevent it in the future.

EmpowerSurvivors is a peer led nonprofit organization for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse located in Stillwater,MN.. EmpowerSurvivors is run by adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Survivors helping survivors.  Our goal is to empower the adult survivor by providing peer group support, individual peer support, create safe spaces for healing, help  reduce isolation, rebuild trust, and gain emotional support. This is not a replacement for professional therapy, but rather a "safe space" for adult survivors on their healing journeys.   Empower Survivors puts on a conference each fall. 

The first of its kind in Minnesota, the HCMC Mother-Baby Program offers a range of

psychiatric services to support pregnant women and mothers with children ages 0-5 years old.

Babies 12 months and younger are encouraged to come with mothers to all Mother-Baby


LEFSN is committed to providing emotional support, education, quality resources, and connections for law enforcement officers and their family members. We seek to maximize current law enforcement family directed outreach efforts, address gaps, and join regional partners to address the full scope of issues that impact “families behind the badge.”

We believe that the police community is a vital component in society providing the invaluable service of ensuring peaceful and prosperous communities.  We have developed a deep understanding of the demands placed on law enforcement officers and their families. We offer support without discrimination, judgment, bias or intolerance.

We value the importance of intentional family connections and training as a significant contribution to the overall health and wellness of officers, their departments, and the communities they serve

The Link has provided support to at-risk youth in the Twin Cities for more than 20 years. Their programs reach out to youth and families with truancy, homelessness, or involvement with the juvenile justice system. By providing case management services for these youth, The Link is building assets for youth and young adults to succeed in life. The link also participates in the Safe Harbor program in conjunction with the state of Minnesota and Hennepin Counties Safe Harbor/No Wrong Door Response and are all grounded in the best practices for working with sexually exploited youth.

The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women [MCBW] is a well-established, membership organization with over 80 member programs located throughout Minnesota with a strong history of effectively carrying out programming that advances women's safety and security. MCBW has existed for almost 40 years as the state's primary voice for battered women. The Coalition has a dedicated and experienced staff, and its capacity is strengthened by the leadership of its members and by a deeply committed and involved board of directors.

The Minnesota Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MNCASA) is a voice for victims/survivors, sexual assault programs, and allies committed to ending sexual violence. We support, convene, and collaborate with sexual assault programs, advocates, prosecutors, law enforcement officers to promote a more victim-centered response to sexual violence, and increase effective criminal justice. Our prevention programs take action before someone is harmed, and we work with policy makers and elected officials for laws and programs that fight sexual violence.

The focus of our work is PREVENTION. One way to prevent child abuse and neglect is by educating, supporting, and empowering parents. We do this by training parents to be leaders within their communities. We also do this by facilitating Circle of Parents mutual self-help support groups for parents statewide. Another way prevent child abuse and neglect is to EDUCATE, SUPPORT, and EMPOWERcommunities.

We do this by raising awareness about childhood development and the (often long-term) effects of childhood trauma on the health and well-being of children and families. We also do this by facilitating conversations about how communities can strengthen families through healing and resilience-building practices.

That’s why we’re inviting you to join the Minnesota Firefighter Initiative: Gearing Up for Health, a statewide advocacy campaign to equip firefighters and the people who care about them with the resources they need to address the growing health crisis in the Minnesota fire service.  The high incidence of illness among firefighters nationwide – particularly heart disease, cancer and mental health challenges – is alarming and requires an immediate response.

Minnesota Peacebuilding Leadership Institute instigates, trains, and supports racially, sexually, culturally, ethnically, religiously, and economically diverse individuals and organizations to become trauma-informed, resilience-oriented, and restorative-focused empowering communities in Minnesota, the USA, and around the world.


Heal the legacy of traumatic stress in families involved in the criminal justice system.


To strengthen families involved in the criminal justice system by:

  • Providing high quality systemic therapeutic services to individuals and families healing from traumatic stress and addiction.

  • Equipping systems of care to interrupt the cycle of trauma, addiction, and criminal justice involvement through training and education.

  • Researching best practices for healing traumatic stress and addiction using applied, community-based research strategies.

At the Sexual Violence Center, it is our mission to eradicate sexual violence and abuse by:

Challenging the systems and individuals that promote privilege, oppression and domination,

Educating those that will join us as advocates and catalysts for change, and supporting those who have been victimized, empowering them to not only survive but thrive, finding power and movement in our collective voices.  At the Sexual Violence Center, all of our services are provided by sexual assault advocates. The role of an advocate is to provide information, offer options and support victims and survivors in their decisions.

Standpoint is a unique agency that advocates for system change, to secure access to justice, and to improve the legal system’s response to domestic and sexual violence victims. We recognize that victims need both experienced legal counsel and an effective and skilled advocate. Standpoint has established a statewide reputation as the premiere legal resource for victims of domestic and sexual violence, and for the advocates, attorneys, and other professionals who work with them. Our services focus on the legal aspects of domestic and sexual violence, and our range of expertise is exceedingly broad.


Standpoint is the only statewide agency providing immediate and free legal advice, consultation, and technical assistance to victims of domestic and sexual violence and the professionals who work with them. We serve thousands of individuals and agencies every year. Many of Standpoint’s services begin with a phone call made to our Action Line, which is available Monday-Friday from 9am-4pm to individual victims, advocates, attorneys, and other systems’ professionals. The Action Line is answered by an attorney and/or an advocate and is triaged on the spot.

Tubman helps women, men, youth and families who have experienced relationship violence, elder abuse, addiction, sexual exploitation or other forms of trauma. Throughout the Twin Cities, Tubman provides safe shelter, legal services, mental and chemical health counseling, elder abuse resources, youth programming and community education, including public information campaigns to provide community members the information and support they need to get help or give help.

The VRP is an organization dedicated to the treatment of trauma in the Veteran population. Minnesota ranks number one in the country in National Guard suicides. There are an estimated 50,000 men and women in the state who have served in Iraq & Afghanistan. The VRP aims to provide mental health services, specifically EMDR, to those Veterans that are in need.

Wilder provides services that build hope and resiliency for children and families through mental health, education, housing, social adjustment, early childhood and aging programs. We build community capacity through leadership development programs, community initiatives and collaborations that bring people together to solve complex social challenges. Wilder Research studies evidence and provides applied and practical research in the field of human services.  They also offer training and educational opportunities in the areas of trauma, development, and attachment. 

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