The creative arts & healing trauma: An inner journey

Do you know how to heal? Do you know what another person needs in to heal?

I have learned through my own experiences of healing and walking this journey of healing with

so many others as a therapist… that healing is a process of discovery. Each wound is unique and

different, no two wounds are the same, nor does each wound heal in the exact same way.

Discovering how to heal does not involve finding another person who holds the answers. It

does involve finding someone who is trained, qualified and who is capable of being presenting

with another, to walk with them and honor their journey of discovery, be present in the midst

of the pain and healing. And... to help you connect with the wisdom of their body.

Discovering what we need to heal is an inward journey. First, we must learn about and

understand the wound in order to discover what we needed to heal. Going inward connects us

to our wisdom. This wisdom lies within and possesses the answers regarding what we need to

heal. This wisdom is not part of our knowledge or information stored in our brain. Wisdom can

be difficult to describe, but it is often acknowledged that people recognize their wisdom when

the encounter it. It can feel like a knowing that comes from outside what we know (facts,

information, etc.) and our conscious awareness.

Before we go any further… it is important to remember one of the challenges of healing.

Healing is not without pain and discomfort. Healing involves feeling, acknowledging, honoring