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Introducing the MN Trauma Project Blog

In the coming weeks, the MN Trauma Project website will begin to feature weekly blog postings written on topics related to trauma. Local trauma treatment providers, researchers, and others interested in the treatment, prevention, or understanding of trauma will have the opportunity to share their thoughts with the MN Trauma Project Community. In beginning to develop a network of trauma informed providers and thinkers, it has become clear what a wealth of information, experience, wisdom, training, and insight the local community has to offer. Sadly, the work of helping people heal from trauma can be isolating and the sharing of lessons learned does not always happen easily. Our hope is that the MN Trauma Project Blog will provide a forum for that to happen. The first contributions are already being written and will begin appearing on the website on a weekly basis beginning in the next few weeks. Local providers will have the opportunity to share reflections on specific approaches to working with trauma, why or how specific approaches are helpful, special considerations when working with particular populations, the relationship between trauma and other concerns (eating disorders, addiction, self-injury, etc.), lessons learned in working with trauma, how to integrate training and/or treatment models, and more.

If you have thoughts you would like to share about trauma or have requests for blog entries on particular topics, please e-mail the MNTP team at

Otherwise please stay tuned for the first blog entries as they will be sent out via the MN Trauma Project newsletter.

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