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Upcoming Workshop.

Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D.
Thursday-Friday, September 22-23, 2016                                                   Dakota Lodge, West St. Paul, MN

Healing from the Inside Out:  Trauma, Attachment, and Internal Family Systems

 A two-day workshop with Dr. Richard C. Schwartz

Thurs-Fri, September 22-23, 2016

Space is limited so we encourage you to register early.
Looking forward to seeing you in September.



Workshop is Full

Richard Schwartz began his career as a systemic family therapist and an academic. He co-authored, with Michael Nichols, Family Therapy: Concepts and Methods, the most widely used family therapy text in the U.S.  Dr. Schwartz was Associate Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Institute for Juvenile Research and later at The Family Institute at Northwestern University.

Grounded in systems thinking, Dr. Schwartz developed Internal Family Systems SM in response to clients’ descriptions of various parts within themselves.  He focused on the relationships among these parts and noticed that there were systemic patterns to the way they were organized across clients.  He also found that when the clients’ parts felt safe and were allowed to relax, the clients would experience spontaneously the qualities of confidence, openness, and compassion that Dr. Schwartz came to call the Self.  He found that when in that state of Self, clients would know how to heal their parts.

This approach to psychotherapy suggested alternative ways of understanding psychic functioning and healing, and lent itself to innovative techniques for relieving clients’ suffering and symptoms.  IFS is a nonpathologizing, hopeful framework within which to practice psychotherapy.

In 2000, Richard Schwartz founded the Center for Self Leadership in Oak Park, Illinois. CSL offers three levels of training in IFS, workshops for professionals and for the general public, an annual national conference, publications, and DVDs of Dr. Schwartz’s work through its web site at   IFS trainings and workshops are also being held in several European countries.

A featured speaker for national professional organizations, Dr. Schwartz serves on editorial boards of four professional journals.  He has published five books and over fifty articles about IFS. His books include: You Are The One You’ve Been Waiting For: Bringing Courageous Love to Intimate Relationships;  Internal Family Systems Therapy;  Introduction to the Internal Family Systems Model;  and The Mosaic Mind: Empowering the Tormented Selves of Child Abuse Survivors (with Regina Goulding);  as well as Metaframeworks (with Doug Breunlin and Betty Karrer), about transcending current models of family therapy.  

Healing from the Inside Out:  Trauma, Attachment, and Internal Family Systems

September 22-23, 2016


Developed over the past three decades, the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model offers an empowering and nonpathologizing approach to treating trauma. It helps clients access an undamaged essence from which they heal the parts (subpersonalities) of them that continue to live in shock, pain, and shame. Many trauma therapies propose that the existence of subpersonalities is a sign of pathology, a consequence of the fragmentation of the psyche by traumatic experiences. In contrast, the IFS model sees all parts as innately valuable components of a healthy mind.  Trauma does not create these parts, but instead forces many of them out of their naturally valuable functions and healthy states and into protective and extreme roles, resulting in a loss of trust in the leadership of the client's Self, which in IFS is an inner essence of calm, confidence, clarity, connectedness and creativity. This essence does not need to be developed or cultivated and is not damaged by trauma. Most people, and particularly trauma clients, have little access to their Self in their daily lives because it is obscured by the protective parts that dominate them. When their parts trust that it is safe to allow their Self to manifest, clients will immediately display those strengths. The goal then becomes not to eliminate parts but instead to help them relax into the knowledge that they no longer have to be so protective. IFS assists them in realizing that they are no longer under the same level of threat and that there exists a natural inner leader who they can trust. This presentation will provide an introduction to the basics of the IFS model and its use with attachment and trauma. An overview of IFS and its clinical applications will be presented and illustrated with video.

Educational Objectives
At the end of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • identify the basic theory and principles of Internal Family Systems therapy

  • know how to access their clients’ Self- a core of compassion and other leadership qualities

  • deal with client “resistance” more effectively and with less effort

  • know how to utilize the clients’ Self  to repair attachment injuries 

  • recognize the IFS model as an internal attachment model

  • identify the parallels between external and internal attachment  styles

  • identify the effects of trauma on parts and Self

  • utilize the model in treating trauma

  • gain an awareness of their own parts and how those parts impact therapy

  • apply IFS principles to transference and counter-transference



Thursday-Friday, September 22-23, 2016

8:15-9:00 AM Registration 
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Workshop


Two 15 min. breaks.

1.5 hour lunch on your own.

Coffee, tea, and light refreshments provided throughout the day.



This workshop has reached capacity.  No same-day registrations will be accepted. 

We apologize if you were not able to attend the workshop.

We did not anticipate the response that we received

and while we are grateful to have so many people interested, we also know that not being able to attend was disappointing to those who were not able to attend.  We hope that you will still consider us for future workshops.


The MN Trauma Project Team

Workshop is Sold Out

12 Continuing Education Credits will be provided for those who attend both days, with pending approval from:

MN Board of Psychology (LP)

MN Board of Behavioral Health and Therapy (LADC & LPCC)

MN Board of Marriage and Family Therapy (LMFT)  

MN Trauma Project is an approved continuing education provider through the MN Board of Social Work (LICSW)    


Workshop Venue:  Dakota Lodge


Address:  1200 Stassen Ln, St Paul, MN 55118


Parking:  Free Lot


ADA Considerations:  Handicap Parking available

Single Level Facility


Please contact MN Trauma Project at for any specific accomodation requests

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Workshop is Sold Out
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