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Our Mission.

Working Toward A Trauma-Informed Minnesota


MN Trauma Project exists to decrease prolonged suffering that results from trauma not being identified or treated.



  • Equipping, training, and supporting providers who engaged in trauma focused care

  • Educating and increasing awareness within the broader community about trauma and its impact

  • Increase access to information and resources for both providers and the community

  • Decrease providers/therapists’ personal and professional barriers towards working effectively with trauma clients (given lack of education, their own trauma, etc.)

  • To create spaces where trauma providers can network and develop relationships so as to broaden the support within the professional community, ease the process of making referrals, and gradually improve access to trauma competent care for the clients whom we serve.



  • Provide accessible, affordable workshops and professional training opportunities

  • Develop and Maintain a website with cutting edge information about trauma, its treatment, community resources and providers

  • Develop and Maintain an online directory of trauma-informed providers with a holistic focus

  • Host community events with a focus on reducing clinical jargon and increasing awareness of trauma and its effects

  • Curate and Disseminate information about trauma through Social media, including a Facebook page, Youtube channel, Twitter, and LinkedIn

  • Influence and impact 3rd Party Payers and Legislative Policymakers on Trauma

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