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Acknowledging our Brokenness

Reflections on the Impact of Trauma from the Individual to the Community

Unresolved trauma causes suffering for people and communities through mental health issues, addiction, poverty, crime, violence and lack of educational performance. This event explores how acknowledging trauma at multiple levels—individual, relational and systemic—can start the healing process for individuals and society. Four TED-style (acknowledging that this event is not a TED sanctioned event) talks and a panel discussion will feature: 

• One woman’s personal experience of trauma survival and healing
• A therapist and military veteran who deals with trauma in a therapeutic setting
• A child psychologist training schools in trauma-informed educational methods
• A treatment center director witnessing trauma’s impact on addiction and the need for trauma informed services

The first of these events took place on May 17th, hosted at the Wilder Foundation.  


Stay tuned for more events like these.  

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